This is film version of a multi media performance piece of the same name, directed by Ritsaert ten Cate at the MICKERY THEATRE, AMSTERDAM. The performance took place in several separate spaces at the same time and the audience were invited to come back on 3 different evenings. Ritsaert asked me to film it. ** Ritsaert ten Cate was a major player in the world of avant garde performance art. His Mickery theatre was host to every major artist, including Robert Wilson, Marina Abramovic, the Wooster Group, the People Show, Mabou Mimes, the La MaMa group. The space closed in 1998. Ritsaert pased away in 2009. RIP This was the 1st professional film I made as a DP/director. I borrowed the money (from the Mickery) to buy a 2nd hand Aaton 16mm film camera and a set of lenses. I rang Roger Deakins for some advice, he said read the instruction book carefully. My confidence was unreal, I had no clue what I was doing.looking back I am scared for myself. For cost reasons it was not possible to view the rushes until after the event was over, I lived in dread of the lab report that nothing had come out. But it all came out fine. The actors were a cross section of mainly American performance artists drawn from various US groups. Sound was recorded on an adapted SONY pro cassette player and I edited on a makeshift editing bench which I made out of wood. CAM/DIR - MIKE FIGGIS CRANE OP - KIM NEWELL I continued using that Aaton right through Leaving Las Vegas. A superb camera.